Custom-Made Japanese Sliding Doors: Fusuma & Shoji

Experience the elegance of traditional Japanese design fused with modern functionality through our bespoke Fusuma and Shoji sliding doors. Whether you're drawn to the robustness of Fusuma or captivated by the light-filtering beauty of Shoji screens, each door becomes a transformative statement piece in any interior setting.

Make-To-Order Japanese Sliding Doors 

Shoji Doors and Shoji Screens: Translucent Beauty

custom made Shoji Doors and Shoji Screens

Our custom interior design service caters to your unique taste and spatial needs. Shoji doors, with their iconic wooden grid and translucent paper, offer an ambient glow, turning any room into a serene sanctuary. Meanwhile, the Shoji screens provide a delicate partition, allowing soft light diffusion while maintaining privacy.

Fusuma: The Art of Solid Division

custom made fusuma doors

Dive deeper into the world of Japanese interiors with Fusuma sliding doors. Beyond their robust design, Fusuma doors artistically segment spaces, lending an air of tradition and sophistication. With our expertise, your chosen space can echo the serene atmospheres of traditional Japanese homes.

At the heart of our offerings lies our state-of-the-art carpentry factory. This is where age-old Japanese craftsmanship meets contemporary manufacturing techniques. Every Shoji sliding door and Fusuma crafted by our artisans encapsulates precision, beauty, and enduring quality. Using only the highest grade materials and finishes, our creations stand as testaments to both elegance and durability.

Incorporate the profound essence of Japanese design principles into your space, harnessing the practical, space-saving benefits of these sliding doors. Ideal for homes and settings seeking to optimize space without forgoing style, our custom-made Shoji and Fusuma doors are more than just doors; they're experiences, elevating and transforming interiors with their timeless design.

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